The Various Branches Of Dentistry

Various Branches Of Dentistry

A dentist specializes in the field of dentistry. Also known as general dentist, Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Surgery, a dentist takes care of your teeth, gums and problems pertaining to your mouth and oral hygiene.

What does a Dentist Do?

Oral health is essential to the overall health of the body. Studies show that problems and diseases related to your teeth and gums are indicative of some other health issues in your body. This is the reason why maintaining oral hygiene is very important. A professional dentist not only treats your disease but also assists and guides you in maintaining the overall health of your teeth and mouth to prevent future problems.

There are a number of functions performed by a general dentist which may include:

  • Cleaning and polishing teeth
  • Removing plaque and cavities
  • Treating your gums and oral tissues problems and infections
  • Filling cavities
  • Straightening and aligning jaws and teeth through the use of braces
  • Performing root canal treatments and other procedures related to inner teeth
  • Performing cosmetic dentistry to enhance the appearance of teeth and jaw
  • Specialties in Dentistry:

Within the field of dentistry, there are specific areas of specialization which needs expertise and in depth study and training. Some of the most common specialties in Dentistry are:

  • Endodontics:

An endodontist is dentist who specializes in treating the internal tissues of the teeth. This is a sensitive area which is made of nerves and blood vessels. Performing root canal and other treatments related to inner teeth is the job of an endodontist.

  • Orthodontics:

An orthodontist specializes in the alignment and straightening of the teeth and jaws. They use braces and other specialized techniques to treat misaligned teeth.

  • Periodontics:

A periodontist specializes in treating gum diseases and alignment.

  • Prosthodontics:

A prosthodontist deals with cosmetic dentistry which improves and enhances the appearance of teeth and overall mouth. A prosthdontist designs and replaces implants with removed or broken teeth.

  • Pediatric Dentist:

A Pediatric Dentist deals with children’s teeth problems and infections. He may work alone or along with other specialist if specific treatment is required.

Working Environment of Dentist:

Dentistry usually work as practitioners which mean they have their own clinics along with a small staff. Dentists work in hospitals too. Some of them also work for other dentists as associate dentists. As the work of a dentist involves oral health and hygiene, the clinic of a dentist is very clean. Highly professional dentists have the most sterile and professional clinics with the best support team and ambiance. All the equipment used by these dentists are sterile and updated with keeping the best interests of the patients in mind. The patient chair, lightening and overall ambiance is designed by keeping the comfort of the patient in mind.