Tips To Help Keep Your Teeth White

Tips To Help Keep Your Teeth White

Dental implants in Dubai: Stained, discolored teeth are more common than you’d think, thanks to our increasingly artificial diets which consist of sodas and fast food. This is not including all the sweets and snacks we consume on a regular basis, which inevitably have an impact on the color of our teeth. Needless to say, yellowing teeth are hardly attractive, and naturally make a person feel self-conscious. In fact, did you know that these conditions often change an individual’s personality? Someone confident before may feel more reserved and uncharacteristically shy, although the issue lies with their teeth. Which is where aesthetic dentistry comes into play. With the help of your dentist in Dubai at our clinic, take a look at what you can do to keep your teeth white.

Rinse After Meals And Drinks:

This is actually not only good for keeping your teeth white and clean, but also for getting rid of food particles that may be stuck in-between those grooves. Else they tend to stay there and eventually are broken down by acids present in saliva, at some point forming tartar and plaque which is then quite hard to get rid of when it hardens. This requires a professional cleaning, which in turn needs to be done at least twice a year. So wash your mouth out after eating or drinking anything, especially wine, tea or coffee.

Stop Smoking:

Another tip that will stand you in good stead in the greater health spectrum. Smoking also leads to stubborn stains on teeth, and these are even harder to get rid of down the line. Though you can do a bleaching or other type of whitening, they’ll obviously return if you keep smoking, so it’s like an endless cycle, one that’ll keep costing you money. Which, if you think about it, is quite pointless in every way. Try to make an effort to quit, and keep it that way.

Maintain Healthy Oral Hygiene:

Go back to your childhood and remember all the dental health rules you were taught by your parents and teachers. Brush twice a day, floss twice a day as well, and use a mouthwash when necessary. Brush before bed, and don’t eat anything afterwards either. Though there are different reasons as to why one may need dental implants in Dubai such as poor genetic codes, most of the time it’s owing to poor oral hygiene which then leads to cavities and decays. So make a resolution to change it today.