Treating Tooth Loss

Perfect Solution For Tooth Loss & Toothache Medicine

Tooth loss is a common condition that all of us face at all stages of our lives. Not only does tooth loss affect our comfort and the way we carry out our daily tasks may it be eating or speaking, it also adds to make us feel insecure and not  confident about ourselves while at the same time contributing to giving us an aged appearance as our cheeks tend to look sunken in when there are wisdom teeth missing at the back of the mouth.

Curbing tooth loss has been quite a challenge which has now successfully been solved through the use of dental implants in Dubai. Not only has this treatment seen immense success in not only helping patients regain their appearance but also a full set of teeth which helps them get about their daily work with ease. The use of this procedure has also allowed those of you who rely on dentures to toss them away and to settle for a more permanent solution. Dentures are convenient and cost effective however they are quite a hassle to take care of and they are often lose and uncomfortable.

This procedure is quite complicated but its results for sure are promising and worth each bit of the complex procedure you’d have to undergo. It begins with your dentist performing basic tests just to analyse as to how many teeth you need replacing and as to if the new artificial teeth produced need any alterations in size and shape. Your dentist will also see as to if you have any allergies as he will be using titanium posts which will be directly fitted on your gums and then be placing the artificial teeth in them. The process by which the posts will be fitted will take up to two weeks to heal entirely and this time period will also vary upon how soon you’re getting the implant as the sooner you seek medical attention after losing the tooth the sooner the procedure could be completed.

While this is a procedure that will cause discomfort and pain, dentists work to make this a comforting experience for you by giving you anesthesia to ease the pain. The entire treatment will take up to three to four dental appointments and there is no exhaustive post surgery care routine for you to follow. You will be able to resume all activity, such as eating and speaking as usual soon after the surgery even though minute caution will have to be exercised in the first few days as there will be some pain.

Tooth Decay: Lastly, this procedure is now one of the most popular surgeries out here in Dubai as its success rates are simply off the charts! Find yourselves the perfect dentist and you’ll finally have your Hollywood smile back!