Veneer Services In Dubai By Montreal Int Clinic

How is the condition of your teeth connected to the best day of your life?

Given the latest trends in the wedding industry , the scope of wedding dentistry here in Dubai has started to grow at a quick pace with different types of options being introduced and available for any of you that don’t have the most perfect teeth. Wedding dentistry services are provided at many clinics even though individual services are provided at different standards, depending on the place you decide to visit.

Before paying them a visit, it is advisable that you assess what the flaws in your teeth are maybe by having an initial consultation from the clinic you chose to visit, which will then instruct you, depending on the time you have until your wedding and the defects your teeth have which treatment will best suit your needs. Various treatments for your teeth range from direct bonding, veneer services for teeth, invisalign braces etc.

While direct bonding could only be done by a dentist who has a fine arm for artistry and has plenty of experience and skill, because it involves a process where the dentist will directly fill and reshape your tooth with direct contact and this could also be a little dangerous. This procedure can be done with two to three visits, so if you are really stuck for time and your wedding is around the corner, this is the most suitable treatment for you.  

However with regard to veneer treatments in Dubai, these are said to be porcelain or ceramic shells which are fixed in front of your teeth to give your teeth a more shaped and whiter look. These shells have a protective property, and this process could be done in two short visits to our clinic if you are one that will suit the requirements for getting dental veneers. This process could be used to treat you if you have chipped, misaligned or damaged teeth and our excellent team of professionals here at Montreal International Clinic, will start the process by taking x rays of your teeth and identifying as to if this is the best procedure for you.

These veneers don’t just make your teeth pearly white but also act as a shield against strong drinks which cause teeth to decay faster, at the same time shaping your teeth to give them a healthy look. While this process is one which requires a lot of patience and care and you would be an ideal candidate if your wedding is approaching you quickly.

This process is also suitable for those who are looking to get the benefits of veneer services whether you are getting married or not, as who wouldn’t want to protect their teeth while at the same time reshaping them to not just look whiter but also more attractive. You know what they say; your teeth not just show people your brightest smile but also show your social status, because good teeth are also an indication of a well-to-do lifestyle.