Veneers A Stunning Smile For The Holidays

Veneers A Stunning Smile For The Holidays

Do you want to transform your appearance in time for the holidays? Dental veneers can give you a stunning smile, the smile you’ve always wished you had. If you are planning a big to-do for the holidays or even the New Year, now is the time to make that change in your appearance. You can kick start the New Year with a brand new look.

First things first, you will have to visit your dentist in Dubai for a comprehensive examination of the gums and teeth. If you suffer from gum disease or cavities your dentist will treat it first and once it is healed will move onto the step of veneers treatment.

What are veneers mostly used for?

Veneers in Dubai are used to close gaps cover stains, restore broken or chipped teeth and create a beautiful smile in the process. During the initial consultation, your dentist will give you an idea of what your smile will appear like.

A look at the veneer procedure

Before dental veneers are placed, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. Veneers are usually created in the dental lab so that the size and shape will perfectly fit your natural teeth. Whether you are getting a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental veneers should be the exact shade of the surrounding teeth. Patients can opt for teeth whitening services prior to attaching the veneers.

The veneers procedure itself entails removing a small bit of the enamel, in order to help the veneer sit correctly on the surface of the tooth. You will be wearing temporary veneers until the dental lab prepares the real veneers. The temporary veneers will protect your teeth and will give you an idea of your smile, although it is fair to say the finished product is more effective and will look even better.

The permanent veneers will be bonded to your teeth, once they are ready. Your teeth may initially feel sensitive but this feeling will soon subside and you will be able to speak, eat and drink comfortably. You can go back to snacking on your favorite holiday food and smile brightly for the holiday card. If you are thinking of a good gift to give yourself this coming holiday, veneers treatment sounds just about right! You can enjoy a stunning smile all year long.