Dental Veneers And Their Specialty

How Veneer Treatments Can Help You?

Have you been dealing with teeth discoloration for a long period of time and haven’t really figured out what to do about it? Have you tried every other process from routine cleanups to teeth bleaching and been afraid of the after effects this could bring you?

Fear not!

Veneer treatments have become so exclusive and successful that they have come to your rescue to finally give you those teeth you have been dreaming of! Yes, it’s finally possible to perfection!

With the latest technology that we have equipped our clinic, Montreal International Clinic with, we have mastered the insertion of veneers and the entire surgery has been performed countless times by our extremely passionate and dedicated team of dentists.  Under the supervision of Dr. Eman Hashem who has experience of over 20 years from working not just here Dubai but also in Europe and America, her feminine touch, as described in our website has such fineness that these veneer implants cannot even be visible once the process is complete and will look the most natural it possibly could. Her main vision being to ensure that each patient gets individual and personalized service has also been our vision in making these procedures such a success, and reviews by our patients could also be looked up on our site which also include pictures of the patient’s teeth before the surgery and a picture after the veneer treatments has been completed.

While this process is one where porcelain or ceramic shells are placed over your original tooth which could be decayed or severely stained, this process is short and will take you a maximum of 2 to 3 visits depending on your individual condition. We maintain the highest standards throughout this process and make sure that we carry out an elaborate initial evaluation of the teeth of the patient to understand as to the overall level of oral health each patient has. We will also be able to find out any hidden diseases or problematic symptoms of yours that you may not have realized you had, as most of these take some time to surface.

Veneers in Dubai not only help you to look your best, but also act as a protective guard between your teeth and the other food you consume, and are also completely stain free. So you won’t have to worry about them getting stained anymore and can also freely consume any drinks which may be known to have erosive effects on teeth, as veneers protect your teeth from such fluids too. While the placement of dental veneers are quick unlike the usual procedures such as fixing braces, the process begins with our dentists giving you local anesthesia to make you feel no pain. Then they will proceed to scraping off the enamel of your tooth to temporarily place the veneer to see if the shape and fitting it right, as once it is fixed it cannot be removed even if it chips. Finally, they would polish your teeth and apply a paper thin layer of cement to hold everything in place and your teeth will be as good as new!

So don’t hold back. Visit our site, look into our reviews and descriptions on veneer treatments and book your appointment online!