Veneers For Beginners: A Handy Introduction Guide

We Will Give You a Complete Breakdown

Dentistry Clinic in Dubai: Dentistry is broken down into several different branches to tackle and deal with several different problems. Which of these you need may be confusing at first, at least until you have a proper analysis done. However, aesthetic dentistry is fairly straightforward and easy to understand, especially where veneers are concerned. That said though, someone who is completely new to the subject may be understandably anxious and puzzled about the procedure, which is what we’re here to clear out. Though your assigned dentist in Dubai at Montreal International Clinic will give you a complete breakdown of your own circumstances and what you need to do, it helps to be a little knowledgeable about the subject, so you are better informed.

How Do They Help?

Before deciding to go ahead with veneers, you may probably want to know how they can help. Well as it turns out, a lot. Dental veneers are used to cover up a whole lot of problems, including discolored, misaligned, crooked and gap teeth to name a few. They also help with worn and chipped teeth, effectively not only disguising your appearance for the better, but also bringing back your teeth’s functionality.

What They Are?

Of course knowing what exactly they are is also useful, and the simplest way to describe them is that they are thin, wafer-like shells that can be made out of composite resin or porcelain depending on budget and personal preferences. The porcelain is more expensive generally but offers much better features than its composite resin counterpart. These shells once made, are carefully fitted over your existing tooth. Veneers are sent off to a lab for production based on an impression of your teeth, and designed to be as close in color as possible to your natural teeth.

Know Whether They Are Right For You?

Most people are often confused about whether veneers is the right way to go, and this is an entirely subjective matter. Whether you opt for veneers in Dubai or anywhere else, you must first know whether they would help you with your problem. Veneers can only be fixed to your front teeth, so if you have issues with the rest, you may have to opt for a crown or implant instead. Our doctors will be able to give you a complete and thorough diagnosis, including your treatment options.