What are the most common plastic surgery enhancements in Dubai

Types of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is gaining a lot of popularity and has seen a huge growth, year after year, with almost hundreds of surgical procedures taking place in Dubai. In the last decade, the total number of cosmetic surgery treatments has increased by ninety eight percent in Dubai, this is a big increase in the number of people opting for this sort of treatment. It’s surprising to note that not only women but men too are contributing to the demand.

As per our Plastic surgeon at the Montreal International Clinics in Dubai, some of the most common plastic surgery enhancements in Dubai include the following,

There are two types of Liposuction, the surgical procedure that suctions fat from specific areas of the body to provide a slimmer and shapelier body contour, this is called tumescent liposuction, the most common type, where a solution of saline, a drug to constrict blood vessels and a numbing agent are applied to the area to be treated. This liquid, along with fat, is suctioned out of the body using a cannula.

With Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction (UAL), the cannula releases ultrasonic energy to melt fat so that it can be suctioned out of the body. This method has more risks as opposed to tumescent liposuction, such as internal and external burns and a longer time period during surgery.

The enlargements of a woman’s breast surgically has become very popular in recent times. This sort of plastic surgery in Dubai is carried out for a number of good reasons such as to enlarge both breasts, to replace a breast that is lost due to a disease such as breast cancer and make asymmetrical breasts equally proportioned. The recovery period is rather short and patients can resume normal activities after they have completely recovered. Of course high impact exercises are a no-no until you have the all clear from our plastic surgeon.

A nose job or rhinoplasty, reshapes the nose, making it asymmetrical and into balance with the rest of your face. Our surgeon may reduce the overall size of the nose or refine areas of the nose for a more aesthetic and attractive appearance. In some cases rhinoplasty is performed more for medical reasons that cosmetic as it improves breathing, where patients have a deviated septum. Patients can feel a little ‘blue’ after the surgery, but usually settles within 2 weeks. Our surgeon will give you a few post surgery procedures to follow to make sure everything goes smoothly.

This is the most common type of enhancement that does not require surgery. Botox is injected to smooth frown lines, ‘crown feet’ and wrinkles around the eyes. The procedure freezes the muscles in the target area and will decrease movement in these muscles, threby reducing the wrinkles. This type of enhancement is 100% safe and has a high success rate, making it an all time favorite among the ‘jet set’ in Dubai. You may even find yourself being invited to Botox parties in Dubai. Having said that Botox is not only for the rich and famous it’s an affordable procedure for everyone.

Fat Transfer is a natural alternative that restores the size and shape, as well as rejuvenate certain areas of your body. Fat is taken from your body fat by our team of surgeons using state of the art technology and is then transferred to areas of your body to give it more volume. The most common areas that this is carried out to is the cheeks, lips, breasts, and buttocks.