Why do you need Braces?

Crooked Teeth & Treatments 

There are several reasons why one would be required to get braces? Do you have crooked teeth, do your teeth need to be aligned or would you like to have a stunning smile? Braces fix otherwise unaligned teeth in both children and adults. Teeth in children can be moved through the use of braces; however, it works very well in adults as well. Parents with children as young as 4 years can be taken for orthodontic treatment to help fix teeth with excellent results.

Patients cite not just health benefits but social benefits as well to getting braces. Fixing teeth gives patients a bolster in their self confidence and self esteem. Many people struggle with maintaining good oral hygiene and this can be improved by wearing braces.The best dental clinic in Dubai promote the use of braces for people that need them as it offers numerous advantages to patients, one of them being improved self appearance. There are various types of dental braces and this can be decided in collaboration with your skilled dental surgeon in Dubai. There is a fixed amount of time a patient is required to wear braces to align their teeth. The dental clinic in Dubai will assert to the time period needed to wear braces until the problem is fixed. It is up to the patient to keep records of the length/duration he or she wore these braces.

Braces can be removable or fixed. Patients can decide between these two types of braces. A fixed brace is a metal bond which is attached to the molar. These metal bonds are bonded or glued which means patients cannot remove their braces as and when they require. Fixed braces will have to be worn for a recommended period of time.

Crooked Teeth – Advantages to using braces

Improved Eating – one of the main benefits to using braces is improved eating. With unaligned teeth many people would have problems chewing their food. This may result in digestive issues or even nutrition related problems. Difficulty chewing can lead to discomfort and pain during mealtime leaving you no room to enjoy a proper meal. Wearing braces will certainly reduce the level of discomfort and other eating issues you may have.

Social Advantages – self esteem and confidence play a major role in many people looking to get braces to fix their teeth. Braces are one of the most popular dental alternatives for people with unaligned teeth. If you are conscious your teeth are not aesthetically appealing the tendency is to feel embarrassed in public. Social situations will certainly become easier if you wear braces as it will give your confidence a bolster in public.

Protection for your Teeth – protecting one’s teeth is another significant benefit to wearing braces. Irregular bite patterns can result in stress on teeth. This stress can lead to teeth wearing out over time. This uneven stress can even damage your teeth which eventually need to be replaced or repaired. Braces come with proper alignment which leads to a significant reduction in damage.