You Have A Brilliant Smile And You Cannot Wait To Show It Off

To Get A Brilliant Smile

Once you’ve started orthodontic treatment, you know it takes time getting used to it. If you are wearing braces, you are certainly not alone in these thoughts. It is an adjustment that everyone goes through. And you may wonder if you will get used to this at any point. You will! Everyone has this period of self doubt. And no one ever says on the day the braces come off, and their new smile is revealed they were not glad to go the distance.

You may dislike the adjustment at the beginning. That will change over time. You will get used to braces and even come to love them. Do what your dentist in Dubai says and know the outcome in the end is worth all the trouble in the beginning.

Chewy foods are a Big No-No

If you enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, you are set. You do not have to give it up, except for the hard ones. Avoid biting into a hard apple or carrot or any other chewy foods like pizza or bagels. If they are big, this will hurt your braces, if the pieces are small you can consider eating them. Sticky candy should be avoided at all costs. The same goes for sports drinks, soda and energy drinks because they contain fizz that can lead to tooth decay and damage your braces in the process.

Keep your teeth clean at all times

Keeping your teeth clean can be challenging because of braces, but it is more important than ever. Food can get stuck around the bracket and under wires. Failing to clean them can cause gum irritation, soreness and tooth decay. The cleaner your teeth are the healthier your braces will be. Use a flossing-thread to reach behind the wires. You can use a mouth rinse to keep bacteria out and strengthen your teeth.

Request pain relief for soreness

There may be some soreness at the beginning of your treatment. This will gradually subside as you get used to wearing your braces. You can always ask your dentist for relief medication and apply it whenever you experience some discomfort.

Achieve straighter teeth

At the end of your dental treatment in Dubai, you will have straighter teeth, closed gaps and evenly space out teeth achieving a confident smile you can be happy about. Once you’ve completed the treatment it will prevent weakness and discomfort in the future due to bite issues or misalignment. You will feel good about yourself; this is what the treatment’s end goal is all about.

Whether you decide to go with ceramic, plastic or metal braces, it goes beyond the aesthetic goals and is not only about your appearance. Straight teeth are more effective when chewing, biting and even speaking. It is also easier to brush and floss. When you can take care of your teeth better it helps prevent periodontal disease in the future.