Laser Treatment For Birthmarks

Laser Treatment For Birthmarks

Dermatologists in Dubai state that birthmark skin disorders, for some people, can cause them considerable difficulties and leave them distressed and self-conscious. For some people this can fuel anxiety, depression and other emotional and psychological problems. Self-esteem and quality of life may also suffer. But there are now effective treatments available to treat birth marks. In cases such as this, one of the best options available is laser treatment in Dubai.

Some types of birthmark may need to be treated for medical reasons, while some people may choose to have them treated for cosmetic reasons.

Laser treatment in Dubai only works on birthmarks that are close to the surface of the skin. It commonly is used to lighten the appearance or reduce the bumpiness of port-wine stains. Laser treatment is used by dermatologists in Dubai to treat a superficial haemangioma only in rare cases, because this type of birthmark generally goes away on its own.

Laser treatment in Dubai often works better in younger children because in adults a port wine stain may become bumpy and raised after a number of years.

The most common type of laser treatment is known as pulsed dye laser treatment. The laser passes through a fibreoptic cable. On the end of the cable is a device that looks like a pen. This is gently held against the surface of your child’s skin and a button is pressed, which sends a beam of light to the skin. The light goes less than 1mm into the skin. It’s absorbed by the blood vessel just beneath the surface, causing it to heat up. The heat damages the blood vessel, which creates a bruise that will fade within a week or two.

During or after treatment, your skin will be cooled to reduce discomfort, or a jet of cold air might be blown onto the skin during treatment.

Some of the possible side effects of laser treatment are described below.

  • Bruising – after some types of laser treatment, it’s normal for the mark on the skin to look worse because of bruising, but this will fade after one to two weeks
  • Pain – the laser stings, so most children have laser treatment under general anaesthetic (where they are put to sleep), but some children can tolerate treatment with the help of a local anaesthetic cream that numbs the skin; a cold gel pad may also be put on the area before treatment to minimize any discomfort
  • Increased Sensitivity To Sunlight – your child’s skin will be very prone to sunburn for up to six months after laser treatment

Between 3 and 30 treatment sessions may be needed at intervals of six to eight weeks.

How effective the treatment is depends on how prominent and dark the affected area is. The best results are often seen in marks that are already smaller and lighter.

Finally, it is highly recommended by dermatologists in Dubai to use the advanced and appropriate skin care during and after completion of treatments to achieve and maintain optimum results. Expertise experiences at Montreal International Clinics, Dubai have found the end results to be permanent and very rewarding for clients. Thus, visit today to receive the most advanced laser birthmark removal treatment Dubai has to offer.