Types of Braces – Have your Pick!

Braces have always been considered to be a more conventional form of orthodontic treatment. However, their classic take on cosmetic enhancements can in no way undermine their effectiveness. For the past decade or so thousands of individuals, particularly those belonging to the younger age group have worn braces to have their teeth positioned into their correct places.

How do Braces Work?

Braces work on the principles of pressure and force. The idea behind their functionality is to use pressure to drive teeth into the location where they should have originally been positioned. The metal wires and brackets carry out this function by tightly gripping the teeth. They then work to move them slowly and steadily into that position.

Are they really as painful as people say?

Okay truth be told, braces are in fact no delight to have on. They are uncomfortable and can hinder many day to day functions.But that being said, this does not mean that patients will be under constant pain! Usually only the first month or week is dreadful. Then gradually the braces start settling inside the mouth and do not cause any pain or discomfort.

What Options do I Have?

Even if your dentist has confined you to the option of braces, this doesn’t mean you can’t personalize them to your liking. Dentists in Dubai have developed multiple types-of-braces to comfort and assist patients in their struggle in attaining straighter and more appealing teeth.

Types of Braces to Choose from

METAL BRACES: The metal brackets are great in applying pressure over the teeth and their effectiveness will likely reduce the time patients will have to wear them. The only down point is that the metal wires are pretty noticeable. In attempt to make them more attractive metal braces are now available in multiple colors.

CERMIC-BRACES: These braces are made of ceramic material which is why they can be colored to match the shade of the remaining teeth, thus making them less apparent.

LINGUAL-BRACES:  Lingual braces are the output of a more innovative approach towards orthodontic treatment; where the goal has always been to make braces less noticeable. Keeping this purpose in mind lingual braces are placed on the inner side of the mouth. This way the braces continue to do their work while remaining hidden.

INVISALIGN-BRACES: Invislaigns opt for a method that is perhaps the most modern take on braces. They are virtually painless and not noticeable. They are made of plastic material and are manufactured especially for each patient’s dental frame. Each set of aligners are replaced over a course of weeks and a new aligner is given. With each change, more pressure is applied over the teeth and they are driven slightly more towards a desired position.

The type of braces that a patient may be recommended depends on a number of factors. Consult your dentist in Dubai about your dental condition and personal preferences, to figure out which braces will work best for you!

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